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Riding Rails: Rails 3.0: It's ready!

Ruby on Rails 3.0 has officially been released! This release has a number of significant improvements, including: new active record query engine, new router for Action Controller, new Action Mailer, manage dependencies with Bundler, XSS protection by default, official plugin APIs and much more. Read More Read More

RailsCast: Validations in Rails 3

Rails 3 offers several new additions to validations. This podcast teaches you how to make a custom error_messages partial, reflect on validations, and clean up complex validations in a model. Read More Read More

The Tapir's Tale: ASP.NET MVC vs. Rails3

A comparison of ASP.NET MVC vs. Rails 3 Read More Read More

RESTful AJAX with Forgery Protection (In Rails 3)

Covers the new implementation for using forgery protection in your RESTful AJAX calls to rails under Rails 3 beta2. Read More Read More

Rails Dispatch | Presented by Engine Yard

A summary of improvements in Rails 3 by Yehuda Katz. Covers the new router, the ActiveRecord overhaul, ActionMailer, improvements to Gem management, and more. Includes a screencast. Read More Read More

Rails 3.0: Second beta release

"It took longer than we thought, but then again, what doesn’t? This is the second beta release of Rails 3.0 and hopefully our last stop before a release candidate. There are still a handful of known regressions (see the list at the end), but we’ve made huge strides since the last release and so have auxiliary tools like Bundler." Read More Read More

Like rats deserting the good ship Merb - introducing merb-to-rails3 railtie

"This blog post isn't meant to be a Merb vs Rails discussion, fun though that can sometimes be – instead we'd like to publicise a small utility library that Marcin Kulik and Piotr Solnica have written to help you port a Merb application to Rails 3, by adding several methods from Merb's API to your Rails 3 app." Read More Read More

The Lowdown on Routes in Rails 3 | Engine Yard Ruby on Rails Blog

"Stop! I’d like to tell you something important, but it may be a bit shocking, so you should probably have a seat. Here goes: everything you knew about working with routes in Rails 2… is history! With Rails 3, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves, unlearn what you learned, and route the new way around. And this time, it’s faster, cleaner and a lot more Ruby-like." Read More Read More

Supermodel: Simple ActiveModel-Powered In-Memory Models

Overview of Supermodel, a new library by Alex Maccaw that uses the Rails 3.0 ActiveModel library to provide ActiveRecord-esque in-memory "database" storage in Ruby. Supermodel supports validations, callbacks, observers, dirty change tracking, and serialization. Read More Read More

Rails 3 Generators: Hooks

In this 6th part of a multi-part series, the author describes how to customize the default generators in Rails 3 via plugins or "hooks". He covers the hooks that are available and explains how Rails locates the hooked-in generators as well as provides a great set of existing Rails 3 generator plugins. Read More Read More

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