The Best Resources on Ruby on Rails 3 from around the Web.

Let ActiveRecord Manage Your Translations in Rails 3

This article explains how to use ActiveRecord in Rails 3 to manage your translations. Read More Read More

ASCIIcasts - "Episode 202 - Active Record Queries in Rails 3"

A podcast that looks at ActiveRecord in Rails 3, which provides a new interface for performing database queries. Translations to German and Spanish are available. Read More Read More

Rails 3.0 Setup on OS X using rvm & Ruby 1.9.2

Covers how to set up Rails 3 beta with rvm and Ruby 1.9.2 on a Mac Read More Read More

Rack in Rails 3, by Ryan Tomayko

One of the largest general architectural enhancements in Rails 3 is a steep increase in modularity. Nowhere is this more evident than the refactoring of ActionController into a series of Rack middleware components. This downloadable presentation looks at Rack: why it was created, how it caught fire across Ruby web frameworks, and how to build Rack components that further extend Rails 3’s HTTP pipeline. Read More Read More

Why Port? by Jeremy McAnally

The downloadable presentation explains why it makes sense to port your older apps to Rails 3. Read More Read More

Rails 2 to the 3 (Abridged), by Gregg Pollack

Downloadable presentation gives an overview of the changes made in Rails 3 Read More Read More

Getting up-to-date with Rails 3 by Yehuda Katz

Rails 3 is a lot of things. It includes a rewrite of ActionController, Railties, and the underpinnings of ActionMailer and ActiveRecord. It extracts the core parts of ActionController and ActiveModel for reuse by plugin developers. And it makes every Rails “framework” a plugin, so extension authors can easily replace ActiveRecord, ActionMailer or ActiveResource, leaving nary a trace of the old frameworks behind. In other words, there’s a lot to catch up on. In the downloadable presentation, Yehuda goes through the important high-level changes, giving you a starting point for digging into the improvements the Rails team has made for Rails 3. Read More Read More

JRuby and Rails 3, Sitting in a Tree

How to get JRuby and Rails 3 working. Read More Read More

omgbloglol - Improved validations in Rails 3

Blog post on the improvements to validations in Rails 3 Read More Read More

Rails 3 Generators: The Unusuals, Part 1

Blog article that covers the following generators: Helper, Mailer, Observer and Metal Read More Read More

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