The Best Resources on Ruby on Rails 3 from around the Web.

Slide Presentation by Gregg Pollack on Beautiful Code in Rails 3

Slide presentation that covers: starting a new app, new router API, ActionController - respond_with, ActionMailer Syntax, ActionRelation (arel), ERB Strings Escaped, Unobtrusive Javascript Read More Read More

Rails 3 Generators: The Old Faithful

A tour of the most commonly used Rails generators. Read More Read More

Ruby on Rails guides

A complete guide for Rails 3. This guide is the most comprehensive we have found and walks you through all of the features in Rails 3, as well as how to get started with Rails 3. Read More Read More

Caffeine Driven Development " Blog Archive " Making Generators for ...

Rails 3 replaces the old built-in generator system with Thor which is “a scripting framework that replaces rake and sake”. This article will walk you through the process of making a gem with a built-in generator for Rails 3. Read More Read More

The Path to Rails 3: Greenfielding new apps with the Rails ...

How to build a new app in Rails 3. Read More Read More

Getting Up To Speed With Rails 3

A summary of the changes in Rails 3 and the steps the author took to migrate to Rails 3 beta. Includes links to resources. Read More Read More

Unobtrusive JS In Rails 3 With Prototype

How to use JavaScript In Rails 3 With Prototype. The example only covers the DELETE action. The code could be abstracted to take a "method" argument and use it. Read More Read More

Using Bundler in Real Life

A blog post from Yehuda Katz that explains the recommended workflows for Bundler in Rails 3. Read More Read More

Rails 3 Generators: An Introduction

An overview of the changes to the way generators work in Rails 3. Read More Read More

Rails Plugins

Use this site to quickly find and verify if the plugin or gem you want to use works with Rails 3. Read More Read More

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