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Bundle me some Rails

Nice tutorial on Bundler. Read More Read More

Rails 3 Beta is Out — A Retrospective | Engine Yard Blog

A summary of the major updates and changes in the 3.0 release. Read More Read More

Upgrading to Rails 3 beta - Part 2

Second part of a user's experience upgrading an application from Rails 2 to Rails 3 beta Read More Read More

Upgrading to Rails 3 beta - Part 1

This post covers experiences of upgrading a small Rails 2 application to boot with Rails 3. Read More Read More

Rails 3.0: Release Notes

Rails 3.0 is ponies and rainbows! It’s going to cook you dinner and fold your laundry. You’re going to wonder how life was ever possible before you it arrived. It’s the Best Version of Rails We’ve Ever Done! Read More Read More

Rails and Merb Merge: Rails Core (Part 4 of 6) | Engine Yard Blog

After working to make Rails faster and more modular, we took a look at the glue code holding Rails together: Railties. Railties started life as a relatively modest piece of code in the early days of Rails, but it eventually grew to encompass quite a few different areas. For instance, Rails 2.3 included quite a bit of code for managing plugins, and some additional code for managing gems. Adding in explicit support for engines meant yet more code. Read More Read More

Riding Rails: Rails 3 Bugmash

RailsBridge has organized a Rails 3 Bugmash on January 16th and 17th. The idea is to try and upgrade your apps and favourite plugins/gems to work with Rails 3 and make the upgrade path as smooth as possible for everyone else by documenting the process and fixing the bugs you encounter. Rails core team and others will be around in #railsbridge to help out the participants during the bugmash. Check the RailsBridge announcement for more details. Read More Read More

The Path to Rails 3: Introduction

This post is kicking off a series that I’m doing about moving your skills and migrating your code to Rails 3. I’ll be sharing some practical insights and covering some pretty in-depth topics as we go along (I’ve got some notes for entries about upgrading plugins, taking advantage of new features like the agnosticism, migrating applications, and so on), but before I go into a lot of specifics, I thought it might be useful to go over some of the high-level philosophical and architectural changes that have gone on in the Rails code between versions 2 and 3. Read More Read More

Render Options in Rails 3 | Engine Yard Blog

In previous versions of Rails, adding a new rendering option to Rails required performing an alias_method_chain on the render method, adding your new options, and hoping they didn't conflict with any of the other code in the rendering pipeline. Rails 3 makes rendering options a first class citizen, and uses the same new system internally that plugins authors are expected to use. Read More Read More

Rails and Merb Merge: Plugin API (Part 3 of 6) | Engine Yard Blog

When we announced the Rails/Merb merge, we promised to bring a more stable plugin API to Rails 3. Merb had strong opinions about an explicitly exposed plugin API, so we hoped to end the complications of alias_method_chain in favor of exposed APIs which plugin authors could rely on across versions. Read More Read More

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