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Riding Rails: What's New in Edge Rails

So, Edge Rails is still chugging right along. There are new and interesting fixes, changes, and refactors going on all of the time. So, lets take a look at just a few that've gone in since the last post (it's been a while, I know, I'm sorry!). Read More Read More

Unobtrusive JavaScript helpers in Rails 3

A while ago I have written a post about JavaScript helpers in Ruby on Rails and tried to explain why they are a bad idea. It’s hard to believe for me that it was almost 2 years ago! Since then so many things have happened in the Ruby world…Now Rails 3 is on its way and we already know what significant improvements and changes it will include. One of them is related to JavaScript helpers and the way how remote links and forms will be handled and I must admit that the new idea is absolutely great. Read More Read More

Riding Rails: What's New in Edge Rails: The Security Edition

It's been a bit over two weeks since the last WNiER ("winner"?) post and in the time since our last visit, Ruby on Rails 2.3.4 was released to fix some reported security issues. It is important that you try to upgrade your applications as soon as possible, or even just apply the provided patches if a full upgrade isn't easily accomplished in your situation. Read More Read More

Riding Rails: Three reasons to love ActionController::Responder

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the newly added ActionController::Responder which summarizes your application behavior for a specified format in just one place. Here are three examples of the flexibility this new layer can provide. Read More Read More

How to Build Sinatra on Rails 3

In Ruby, we have the great fortune to have one major framework (Rails) and a number of minor frameworks that drive innovation forward. One of the great minor frameworks which has been getting a lot of traction recently is Sinatra, primarily because it exposes a great DSL for writing small, single-purpose apps. Read More Read More

My Five Favorite Things About Rails 3 | Engine Yard Blog

Over the last few months Rails 3 has really begun to take shape. We’ve been hard at work building, refactoring, building, and then refactoring all over again, and I’m pretty pleased with how things are going. There’s still a lot of work to be done (we’re working on it, these things just take time :P ), but I wanted to pause for a bit and talk about some of my favorite features. Read More Read More

Rails Edge Architecture

We’ve done a lot of work on ActionController, but have only mildly refactored ActionView. We’re going to tackle that next, but I don’t expect nearly as many internal changes as there were for ActionController. Also, we’ve been working on the ActionController changes for a few months, and have focused quite a bit on maintaining backward compatibility (for the user-facing API) with Rails 2.3. If you try edge and find that we’ve broken something, definitely let us know. Read More Read More

Unobtrusive JavaScript in Rails 3

One of the coolest features I've heard about the upcoming Rails version 3 is its support for unobstruive JavaScript. The current JavaScript helpers in Rails produce HTML littered with in-line Prototype specific code. The new technique instead adds hooks in the form of HTML5 data attributes to the markup. Read More Read More

Riding Rails: Community feedback for the future of Rails

A few months ago, we announced the creation of a "forum" to discuss the future of Rails and what the community is interested in. Since then, many important suggestions/topics were addressed, many features were completed or started. My goal in this post is to give you a quick overview on the status of the uservoice forum. Read More Read More

Rails Underground: Yehuda Katz on Rails 3 and beyond

Latest chat with one of Rails Underground conference speakers: Yehuda Katz, member of the core teams for Rails and jQuery, lead developer of the Merb project, core contributor to DataMapper contributor to Rubinius and Johnson, creator of Thor, Moneta..... Read More Read More

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