Conference Talks, Tutorials and Videos on Rails 3.

Rails Dispatch | Presented by Engine Yard

A summary of improvements in Rails 3 by Yehuda Katz. Covers the new router, the ActiveRecord overhaul, ActionMailer, improvements to Gem management, and more. Includes a screencast. Read More Read More

InfoQ: Rails 3

Yehuda Katz presentation on Rails 3. Includes a look at the Bundler tool. Read More Read More

Railscasts - Active Record Queries in Rails 3

Rails 3 introduces a new query interface for performing finds in Active Record. See how it works along with the changes in named scopes. Read More Read More

Screencast on RailsMetrics

RailsMetrics is a new Rails engine which stores everything that is happening inside your application in the database, so you can profile each request, besides creating charts, statistics and extract useful information. Read More Read More

Video Tutorial on Installing Rails 3 beta

This video walks you through the process of installing the beta release of Ruby on Rails 3 Read More Read More

SD Ruby - Rails 3: From Vaporware to Awesomeness in 12 Months

Yehuda Katz returns to San Diego with a report on the latest developments with the Ruby on Rails web application framework. Read More Read More

ReR09 - Jeremy Kemper - Rails 3

Jeremy Kemper (37signals) gives an overview of things to come in Rails 3 and Ruby 1.9. He furthermore talks about the relationships between the ruby and the rails community in the past years and years to come. Read More Read More

WindyCityRails 2009: Rails 3 Update

As a member of the Rails core team and lead developer of the Merb project, Yeuda Katz is in a unique position to discuss the merger of these two Ruby frameworks. Yehuda will begin his talk with an update on Rails 3 followed by a vigorous and engaging Q&A session. Read More Read More

Gotham Ruby Conference 2009: From Rails to Rack

From Rails to Rack: Making Rails 3 a Better Ruby Citizen Read More Read More

Webcast: What to Expect in Rails 3.0

Considered by many developers to be one of the fastest frameworks for building applications, Rails has come a long way since 2005. Slated for release later this year, Rails 3 will feature some innovative new features that will make the developer experience even better. Rails 3 will also be the first release that rolls in the popular Merb project. In this live, online event, Yehuda Katz, Core Team Member on the Rails and Merb projects, will cover some of most important new features in Rails 3.0 and answer questions from the audience. Read More Read More

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